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I don’t stay in constant touch, but try to update weekly.

All D whistles $125 unless noted.

The first set were listed some time ago. I’m discounting them.

set 1 side web

set 1 top web


96 – olivewood; this is the one that was on tour, extensively described by reviewers previously $100

97 – plum/fruit wood with brass. Nice traditional sound, a little breathy, slide needs to be pulled out kinda far (3/8”). $175

Four boxwood whistles, each with a nice clean sound, none too sweet. They have fantastic low notes.

101 — $100
102 – warps in dry weather; $75
103 — slide needs to be pulled out like #97, some scratching on slide, $75
104 — $100

105 – American Osage orange with brass. Clear, full sound. $100

112 – tambooti with aluminum – very strong lower end (minor scratches on mouthpiece, $75)

113 – goncalo alves with aluminum – not as clear as some in the upper register, very woody (some scratches on the mouthpiece; $75)

Second set:

set 2 side web

set 2 top web

115 – goncalo alves/brass

116 – boxwood/brass

117 – boxwood/brass

118 – tambooti/aluminum

119 – bloodwood (satine)

120 – olivewood/aluminum

121 – (not available)

122 – boxwood/brass

123 – (not available)

124 – boxwood/brass

125 – boxwood/brass

126 – goncalo alves/aluminum


C whistles $150 unless noted

C's side web

c's top web

C-2 – dogwood/brass $100

C-8 – boxwood/brass

C-9 – boxwood/brass

C-7 — purpleheart/aluminum – The body of this one is a little short, so the slide stuck a little into the top hole. The slide has been trimmed, so it plays okay, but I know what happened. [no longer available]


Finally, a few seconds. The C was a prototype, one D has a funky RH3, while the others are frankenwhistles. Sometimes either the mouthpiece or body doesn’t work out. I’m so waste averse that I’ve put heads and bodies together that don’t quite belong. These play just fine.   Let’s say $25 apiece plus shipping.

seconds web

S-1: dogwood with aluminum. This was a prototype, which takes more air than my official C’s. Maybe in Clarke territory, not in Shaw territory, air-wise.

S-2: fruitwood top kingwood bottom with brass. Cannot ship outside the US [spoken for]

S-3:   Olive with brass top, olive with aluminum bottom [spoken for]

S-4: Rosewood (I think Asian) with aluminum top, kingwood bottom. Cannot ship outside US [spoken for]

76: dogwood with brass. RH3 hole is misshapen


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