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I’m selling my best whistles at The Irish Flute Store.

On this page I’ll sell seconds that are deeply discounted.   I won’t sell whistles that don’t play well, but occasionally (often) a whistle will have a cosmetic flaw such as scratches in the fittings, turning marks on the body, a misshapen tone hole, or a repaired crack.  

For a few weeks I’m selling some first-quality d whistles here; they’ll be at the IFS soon:

D firsts full


184:  boxwod and brass

185:  jatoba and aluminum

186:  brown ebony and Al

187:  ipilele and brass

188:  kingwood and brass

189:  tulipwood and aluminum

190:  katalox and aluminum

191:  kingwood and brass

192:  mopane and Al

193:  pau ferro and brass

194:  pau ferro and brass

Default price is $180.  I’m still evaluating those; a few will probably become seconds; please inquire.

This is my current stock of seconds:

d whistles:

D seconds full


123:  boxwood and brass.  The upper octave b is a little flat.  $60

169:  Osage orange and aluminum:  there are a couple of stray marks on the mouthpiece, a turning mark on the mouthpiece.  VERY nice player.  $75

128:  kingwood and brass.  Slide has to be pulled out kind of far to play in tune.  Upper octave is louder than most.  $75

170:  brown ebony and Al.  Very nice player, I can’t figure out what I thought was wrong with it.  $125

171:  pau ferro and aluminum:  Some working marks, nice player.  $100

172:  African blackwood and brass.  Very nice player, not sure what I thought was wrong with it.  $125

175:  box and brass. There’s some tool chatter on the beak of the mouthpiece and one faint turning mark.  Otherwise, a VERY nice player.  $75

179:  brown ebony and brass:  Has a repaired crack near the window.  Nice player.  $50

C whistles:

C seconds


C26:  purpleheart and aluminum — a couple of scratches on the mouthpiece, very quite, nice sound.  $75

C29:  Burmese rosewood — mellow sound.  $125

C32:  Asian ebony and brass — just a tad harsh at the top of the range.  Might suit someone who likes a louder whistle.  $100

C36:  purpleheart and aluminum:  The wood isn’t as smooth as I like it on the top of the body.  Very nice player.  Most wouldn’t notice the texture.  $125

mail me at:  whorfinwoods(at)gmail(dot)com for information or to make a special order.

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