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I’m selling all of my best whistles at The Irish Flute Store.

On this page I’ll sell seconds that are deeply discounted.   I won’t sell whistles that don’t play well, but occasionally (often) a whistle will have a cosmetic flaw such as scratches in the fittings, turning marks on the body, a misshapen tone hole, or a repaired crack.  Some have small tuning issues for some players.

This is my current stock of seconds:

D1 scaled 0725


101 – boxwood with brass fittings – very easy player, tone is kind of pure.  The beak is a little short and the mouthpiece.  [sold]

103 – box and brass – nice player, traditional sound.  The slide needs to be out kind of far.  $100

112 – pau ferro – bottom three notes are 10-20 c flat in the bottom octave.  Very nice woody tone. $50

115 – jatoba and brass – top of the second octave needs a little push; mouthpiece is a little chunky; slide needs to be out kind of far.  Traditional sound. $75

118 – pau ferro and aluminum – traditional sound, needs a little push at the top of the second octave.  Has a small blemish just above the ring on the mouthpiece. $75

120 – goncalvo alves and aluminum – nice player, possibly some microtuning issues.  $100

123 – box and brass – mouthpiece is a little chunky.  $125

D2 scaled 200725


124 – box and brass – nice traditional sound, easy player.  $125

126 – jatoba and aluminum – nice player, very balanced.  $125

132 – Cambodian rosewood and aluminum – has a dirty sound, takes a little push.  $50

134 – East Indian rosewood and brass – traditional sound, woody, balanced, a little louder than most.  $100

135 – East Indian rosewood and aluminum – traditional sound, loud, takes some push in the upper octave.  $50

136 – East Indian rosewood and aluminum – nice player, traditional sound, balanced.  Slide needs to be out far to play in tune.  $100

C whistles 20200725 scaled

C whistles:

C2 – dogwood and brass – slide almost closed when in tune; possible clogging issues? [sold]

C12 – box and brass – VERY nice player; has a chucking mark on the head near the slide — [sold]

C14 – box and brass – very nice player, open sound, louder than the others.  [sold]

C15 – blood and aluminum — has a couple of really obvious turning marks.  Very nice player. [sold]

mail me at:  whorfinwoods(at)gmail(dot)com for information or to make a special order.

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