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I’m selling all of my best whistles at The Irish Flute Store.

On this page I’ll sell seconds that are deeply discounted.   I won’t sell whistles that don’t play well, but occasionally (often) a whistle will have a cosmetic flaw such as scratches in the fittings, turning marks on the body, a misshapen tone hole, or a repaired crack.  Some have small tuning issues for some players or may need the slide out ~1 cm or more to play in tune.

This is my current stock of seconds:



103 – box and brass – nice player, traditional sound.  The slide needs to be out kind of far.  $100

123 — box and brass — nice traditional sound.  [sold]

124 – box and brass – nice traditional sound, easy player.  [sold]

127 — Burmese blackwood and brass, full rich tone.  [sold]

129 — pau ferro and brass — sweet clear sound.  [sold]

143 — osage orange and aluminum — nice easy player, has a crack near the bottom.  That appeared early in the working and has been stable since.  [sold]



130 — Cambodian rosewood and aluminum [sold]

134 – East Indian rosewood and brass – traditional sound, woody, balanced, a little louder than most. [sold]

135 – East Indian rosewood and aluminum – traditional sound, loud, takes some push in the upper octave.  [no longer available]

136 – East Indian rosewood and aluminum – nice player, traditional sound, balanced.  Slide needs to be out far to play in tune.  $100

Not shown:

128 — kingwood and brass.  Slide needs to be out pretty far.  $100

137 — East Asian rosewood and aluminum.  Slide needs to be out very far.  $100

138 — pear wood and brass.  VERY sweet player, has one little saw mark near the window.  $125 [sold]

Cs 1124

C whistles:

C20 — Cambodian rose and aluminum — has some subtle turning marks toward the bottom.  Very nice player.  [sold]

C30 — East Asian ebony and aluminum — has a turning mark above the first tone hole.   Very nice player. [sold]

ABflat 1124

Top to bottom:

A1 — Flowering dogwood and aluminum. [sold]

B1 — Flowering dogwood and aluminum. [sold]

AB2 — Purpleheart and aluminum A/Bflat set. [sold]

AB3 — Purpleheart and aluminum A/Bflat set. [sold]

mail me at:  whorfinwoods(at)gmail(dot)com for information or to make a special order.

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